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Jamil Bosri

Jamil Photo - Old TraffordJamil Bosri presently is a multi-faceted solo Socialpreneur, with his passion to teach, train and coach as well as advocate to lifelong learning, he carried a mission to Inspire and Empower People to Change and Grow and connect with one’s Life Purpose believes. He believe no matter what path you walk in life, inspiration and self awareness are needed to live up to your True Life Purpose and Potential. He also believe there are many hidden potential in human being that is not discovered as many have a fix mindset rather than a growth mindset.


He continuously enhancing his personal development and grow via reading, attending courses, talk, seminar online and offline. He eager to share his knowledge and experience to others, although while he is on learning process as he believe that learning is happen in two way journey.


For the past 37 years he has been pursuing his career in Airport Emergency Service in three entity (government, Statutory board and corporate) and dedicate himself as firefighter, rescuer (land and sea) and the first aider. During his working journey he has been exposed to wide range of courses and training, not limited to what in his emergency services requirement, such as fire-fighting, rescuing, first aiding, operating a huge fire-fighting appliances, operating fire-fighting craft and amphibious vehicle (hovercraft).


He were also exposed to the human resources and personal development training and courses, such as quality control, leadership, creative thinking, effective communication, coordinating, facilitating, training mastery and many more, he was a leader and assistant facilitator of his unit quality circle team for more than 15 years. With his vast knowledge and experiences, he was task to plan, coordinating, facilitating and delivering training to his sea rescue unit in marine rescue, lifesaving, fire-boat and hovercraft training. He visited several airport in USA, UK and Japan on airport familiarisation program by his company focusing on Airport Fire-fighting and Rescue operation and development.


Apart from his working world he also acquire an entrepreneurship and business knowledge from those running a business and practice it in a small scale from cleaning services, renovation contractor, computer repair and assembly, food and beverage, distribution, landscaping, direct selling, multi-level and network marketing and many more.


He is down to earth person, therefore he was also actively involve in community work, he willingly render is service regardless of language, races or religion. He contribute to the community centre, resident committee, mosque, school and non-profit organisation. He did involve as an E-Ambassador with AMP/IDA to promote Infocomm Technology to elder generation especially those computer illiterate, Ex-School Parent Support Group facilitator, Ex-School Advisory Committee.


More of his story coming up soon.