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CCK North 6

Facebook Literacy




First step into the social media marketing by taking advantage of social media popularity.

Email Setup Learn how to setup an email account.
Introduction to Facebook Navigate the Facebook feature
Signing Up and Login Learn how to create a Facebook Profile account.
Finding and Connect with Friend Learn how to find, invite and connect with friends.
How to Post and Share Learn how to post and share on profile wall.
What's New on Facebook Learn the features in facebook
Common Myths About Facebook Learn what people worried about facebook.
Glossary of Term Learn the terms use in facebook.
Accessibility Learn about the built-in features and technologies that help people with disabilities get the most out of Facebook.



Enhancing the knowledge on Facebook Management and Features.

Managing Account Learn how to further enhance profile page.
All About Privacy Learn how to manage your privacy.
Security Measure Learn how to make your site secure.
Timeline and You Familiarise with profile timeline.
What is News Feed Learn about news feed.
Your Sharing Learn how to share your photos, location, notes, etc.
Messaging Learn how to create message.
Connecting Learn how to connect with others
Other Facebook Feature. Introduction and create a Group Page and Biz Page.
Creation of Cover Photo Learn the sizes and creating the various cover and profile photo using Microsoft Powerpoint.



Customising Facebook Pages and Using App.

Managing Biz and Group Pages Learn to enhance the pages
Facebook Mobile Learn how to use the app.
Ad and Sponsored Stories Learn to create an ad or success stories.
App, Game and Credits Learn how to utilise the application.
Facebook New Design Learn what is new design available
Reaching More People for Biz Learn how to make people to know you and your Biz.
Advance Biz Page Feature Introduction to eShoop, Landing Page or Website on your Biz Page
Advance Cover Page Creation Learn to create banner using the photo editor.