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Aspired Mind Academy and Network

(A.M.A.N World4U)

………….. is a people oriented platform believed that every individual is unique and owned a niche ability in them. People is and always be the best resources and asset. If we able to educate, empower and enrich individuals and assist them to discover and help to identify their strength and weakness, by tapping out their hidden potential and abolish the obstacles that holding them back from reaching and achieves to their fullest potential that they deserved, in term of both happiness and success, as a result its will led them to pursue excellence and achieve breakthrough in their lives.


AMAN World were also believe that one of the key secret to being a truly great in achievement and success in organisation/group/community/ is the capability & capacity to build the human capital value of people.


AMAN World felt responsible to focus in crafting, state-of-the-art with wide spectrum of value-added programmes, sharing and opportunity platform. Hoping with the production of Highly Effective and Engaging array of programmes, that may touch many lives and transform their thinking.


In developing the programes that are never just about content alone – it is about EXPERIENCE, a memorable and life-changing experience; an experience that truly brings the best out of every individuals.


AMAN World are ready and committed to infuse the believe to “Love Ourselves, Love Our Family and Love Our Community” and at the same time to contribute to everyone, anyone, anytime with or without money.


Spreading Love and Respect………
Encouraging Lifelong Learning…………and
Promoting Self Confidence.